photos /     Di Henri Aquije
styling /  Tracy Cyprow
hair & makeup /  Jackie Gideon @ Wilhelmina 

story/  Koko Ntuen

Before Elise Eberle booked the hit WGN network series Salem, she was simultaneously hosting at a french restaurant, working at a little local bakery in Atwater, and picking up as many catering jobs as possible, all while juggling auditions with work hours. But when she was cast as Mercy Lewis, everything changed. “It gave me the opportunity to be a full-time actress – every struggling actor’s dream. I feel so incredibly fortunate.” She gushes.

Today Elise momentum has not slowed down. Her schedule is busier than ever. When we chat she is sitting in her manager’s office in Echo Park, eating her stress away with chocolate peanut butter malt balls after running around like a headless chicken all day. That morning she tore her house apart because looking for her phone, then realized it was in my hand the whole time. She’s a long way from her native state of New Mexico where she spent her youth dancing and living under the dusky skies but her earthy, free vibes are rooted in her uninhibited acting ability that she leaves in every role. Salem is currently in it’s last season but the character Mercy Lewis will always live on in infamy in the horror fandom realm.

  • Apr 14
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  • Laura Munoz